The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

To mark Easter weekend, we are pleased to release our new program on the Legend of the Dogwood Tree: The dogwood tree is a beautiful little hardwood that grows in the Two Egg vicinity and across much of the South. The tree is known for its spectacular white blossoms that add great splendor to the spring blooming season. According to […]

Faye Dunaway: Academy Award winner was born in Two Egg, Florida

If you browse online biographies of Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway, you will find many details about her life – some right and some wrong. It is safe to say that she is the most accomplished performing artist ever to come from Two Egg, Florida. Although many biographies and websites list her birthplace as Bascom, […]

WTVY features Two Egg, Florida! (Video)

WTVY-TV featured Two Egg in Part One of their special “What’s in a name?” series!  Kimberly Hyde did a great job with the story and TwoEgg.TV was pleased to help coordinate her visit. Here’s the complete story. Just click play to watch:     Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit

WTVY to feature Two Egg in May!

TwoEgg.TV had fun today hosting Kimberly Hyde, one of our friends from WTVY-TV in Dothan, Alabama. She is preparing a feature to be aired on WTVY in May. Kimberly is working on a series of stories that WTVY will air over several days beginning May 9th. Her stories will focus on the good things about […]