Setting the record straight!

by Dale Cox

 Three Northwest Florida counties have a bone to pick with the Orlando Sentinel

The newspaper published an article in 2018 urging visitors to “Explore Florida’s Highest Point: Lake Wales Ridge.” It keeps making the rounds on social media as a recurring bit of fake news. The problem, you see, is that Lake Wales Ridge is not the highest point in Florida. 

The highest point in the Sunshine State, as all good Floridians should know, is Britton Hill in Walton County. Just outside the state-line communities of Florala, Alabama, and Paxton, Florida, it tops out at 345 feet above sea level, thirty-three feet higher than Sugarloaf Mountain, the highest point in Central’s Florida’s Lake Wales Ridge.

Dr. Brian Rucker from Pensacola State College (left) enjoys the view from
Florida’s highest point with Rachael Conrad of TwoEgg.TV.

Britton Hill is on County Highway 285 just south of the Alabama state line. See the map at the bottom of this page for directions. The highest point is marked by a monument in Lakewood Park, which is maintained by Walton County and offers a pretty view of the surrounding countryside. Learn more in this free video from TwoEgg.TV:

Even Visit Florida, the state’s official tourism agency, admits that Britton Hill is the highest. So why can’t Walton County get its due from the likes of the Orlando Sentinel? Sugarloaf Mountain and the Lake Wales Ridge are very pretty and definitely worth visiting, but they don’t make the list of Florida’s five highest points.

Washington County lays claim to the number two  and three spots on the list with Oak Hill and High Hill. These two heights southeast of Chipley reach 331 feet and 328 feet above sea level respectively. 

Jackson County is number four on the list. Its highest point is a hill just north of Compass Lake that rises to 320 feet.

Florida’s tallest waterfall drops 73 feet into a sink at Falling Waters State Park.

Washington County – which is home to three of the five highest hills in Florida – is the site of number five, Falling Waters Hill. This hill reaches 318 feet and is best known for Falling Waters State Park and the state’s tallest waterfall. A small stream there tumbles over a rock ledge to fall 73 feet to the bottom of a 100-foot deep cylindrical sink.  Please click here to learn more.