Here is an array of photos taken in the Lovedale, Dellwood and Two Egg areas of Jackson County, Florida.  These were all taken at around the lunch hour today. Many homes are damaged and some are destroyed. Others came through remarkably unscathed. The captions will provide information on each location that TwoEgg.TV visited:

Clark Barn at Clark Auctions between Dellwood and Grand Ridge, Florida.
Broken headstone at Cowpen Pond Cemetery.
Damage at Cowpen Pond Cemetery.
Damaged headstone of Gilley Crawford Boone Neel, relative of American pioneer Daniel Boone, at Cowpen Pond Cemetery.
Damaged peanut operation at Dellwood, Florida.
Upside down wagon/cane syrup sign in Dellwood.
Kelley’s Grocery in Dellwood.
Dellwood Baptist Church.
Dellwood Baptist Cemetery appears in good condition except for some toppled tombstones.
Historic home of Dr. C.H. Ryals in Dellwood (HQ of Dellwood Farms) survived.
The historic Dellwood Methodist Church survived the storm with some damage.
East side view of historic Dellwood Methodist Church showing damage.
Damaged home near Dellwood.
Destroyed home between Two Egg and Dellwood.
Home in Lovedale area with downed oak trees.
Lovedale Baptist Church.
Damaged structure at Jeff Pittman Farms.
Damaged home near Lovedale.
Destroyed historic barn in Tipton’s Corner community between Lovedale and Two Egg.
Historic live oak trees destroyed at Tipton’s Corner between Two Egg and Lovedale.
Looking north from Tipton’s Corner to electric crews working on main line connecting Dellwood, Two Egg and Bascom.
Damaged home at Two Egg.
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Two Egg.
Roof missing from historic Lawrence Store building at Two Egg, Florida.
Damage at Robert Long Cane Syrup operation in Two Egg, Florida.
Two Egg, Florida
Damage in Two Egg, Florida.
Damaged Lawrence Store structure in Two Egg, Florida. This was the last surviving of Two Egg’s two historic store buildings.