The Stump Jumper is back! The legendary mini-Bigfoot like creature is said to stalk areas near the community of Two Egg in northeastern Jackson County, Florida.

The latest sighting was at Stump Jumper Slough, a winding swamp that is notorious for appearance s of the creature. The slough crosses Circle Hill Road about 7 miles northeast of Two Egg.

Two Egg TV examined the scene for its coming documentary – Stump Jumper: The mini-Bigfoot of Two Egg, Florida – and found tracks, trails, an odd “structure” of branches and other evidence that one or more of the creatures had been about.

See more from Rachael Conrad in these raw clips from the coming documentary:

The Two Egg Stump Jumper is said to be a Bigfoot or Skunk Ape type creature, just much smaller. Eyewitnesses usually say that it is around 5-feet high, covered with hair and moves upright on two legs. It is often seen passing through the beams of car lights at night and its habit of running away, leaping over stumps and fallen logs as it goes, is the source of the creature’s unusual name.

Most sightings have been in the Stump Jumper Slough area, but the cryptid has also been seen in the vast swamps along Lake Seminole between Parramore Landing Park and Neals Landing.

The documentary will reveal the results of a two year search for the Stump Jumper and is coming this fall from Two Egg TV.