Florida Caverns State Park is located in historic Marianna, Florida.

Florida Caverns State Park was featured on today’s edition of CBS This Morning as the network continued its coverage of the dramatic cave rescue in Thailand.

CBS national correspondent Mark Strassman explored the park’s main tour cave with longtime park ranger Billy Bailey to learn more about caves and the beauty as well as the dangers to be found in them. Bailey took Strassman to points in the cave that are more than 60-feet below the surface to explain how water can rise into many natural caves – like the one in Thailand – while also emphasizing that the tour cave at Florida Caverns is safe and that visitors are never more than 5 minutes from an emergency exit.

The report shared some of the spectacular natural beauty of Florida Caverns.

Click the play button below to watch the entire story courtesy of CBS This Morning:


The main tour cave at Florida Caverns State Park is the only developed public tour cave in Florida, a unique fact considering the hundreds if not thousands of natural caves to be found in the state.

There are dozens of other caves in the park, but only one of them – the Tunnel Cave on the nature trail system – can be visited. To see inside one of the phenomenal and historic undeveloped caves at Florida Caverns State Park, enjoy this exploration of Old Indian Cave:


Florida Caverns State Park is at 3345 Caverns Road, Marianna, Florida. The park is open 365 days per year. Please click here for more information.


This map will show you how to find it: