A young spectator learns the mechanics of a flintlock musket.

The Battle of Burnt Corn Creek was reenacted under blue skies and before an appreciative crowd on Saturday, July 28, 2018. Sponsored by the City of Brewton, the featured exhibits, living history encampments, vendors and a smoke-filled reenactment of the 1813 Creek War engagement.

The original battle erupted when Col. James Caller’s force of Mississippi Territorial Militia attacked a Red Stick Creek supply train led by the Tallassee war chief Peter McQueen. Caller’s men initially drove the Red Sticks from the field and captured ammunition and other supplies they were bringing back to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation from Pensacola.

McQueen rallied his forces, however, and drove the militia troops from the field with a bold counterattack. Caller and some of his men wandered in the woods for days before they finally found their way back to the frontier settlements.

The battle took place on Burnt Corn Creek north of present-day Brewton on July 27, 1813. Infuriated by the unprovoked attack, Red Stick forces retaliated by storming Fort Mims one month later. Hundreds of American settlers died in that attack and the U.S. government ordered three armies to invade the Creek country. The series of battles is remembered today as the Creek War of 1813-1814.

To learn more about Burnt Corn Creek and the attack on Fort Mims, please enjoy the documentary Battle for Fort Mims. You can watch it free on Amazon Prime Video or own it for $4.99. Click here to see it: Battle for Fort Mims.

If you missed the Burnt Corn Creek reenactment, the next scheduled Creek War living history event will take place at Fort Mims on August 25-26, 2018. Click here for more information.

Here are some photos from this year’s Burnt Corn Creek reenactment:


Visitors learn about the weapons carried into battle by Peter McQueen’s Red Stick force.
A camp scene at the annual Burnt Corn Creek reeanctment
Red Stick warriors rest, unaware of Caller’s approaching militiamen.
The Mississippi Territorial Militia opens the battle.
Soldiers storm McQueen’s position, capturing the supplies he was carrying back to the Creek Nation.
Red Stick warriors counter attack and drive the soldiers from the field.
Both sides join in firing the traditional salute after the battle.
Historian and author Dale Cox portrayed a Yuchi warrior during the battle.
Authentic Muscogee (Creek) silver earrings.
A moment of relaxation after the battle.
Two Egg TV’s Rachael Conrad portrays Milly Francis, daughter of the Red Stick Creek prophet Josiah Francis.
Burnt Corn Creek flows through South Alabama to join Murder Creek at Brewton, Alabama.