The annual reenactment of the Battle of Burnt Corn Creek is set for July 28 in Brewton, Alabama.

This noted engagement took place in 1813 when Mississippi Territorial Militia attacked a Red Stick Creek supply party at Burnt Corn Creek in what is now South Alabama. The Muscogee (Creek) warriors, led by the Tallassee war chief Peter McQueen, were on their way back from Pensacola where they had obtained arms, ammunition and other supplies from the Spanish.

Headed by Col. James Caller, the militia troops swept in on McQueen and his party as they were resting and eating their midday meal. Caller’s force had some initial success but McQueen rallied his warriors and they soon turned the tide of the battle. The militia force was driven from the field in confusion and Caller himself spent days lost in the woods before he was rescued. Blood was shed on both sides.

The Red Sticks had been engaged in a civil war with the Big Warrior and the white-allied faction of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation but at Burnt Corn Creek the conflict spread to include the frontier settlements of the Mississippi Territory, Tennessee and Georgia. The attack on Fort Mims followed in August and the Creek conflict became a full-fledged war between the Red Sticks and the United States.

The reenactment of this critical event in American history will take place at Jennings Park, where U.S. Highways 31, 29, and 41 meet in the heart of downtown Brewton. The map at the bottom of this page will help you find it.

Planned activities include living history demonstrations, displays, food, a battle reenactment and more. This will be a great family event. Please refer to the brochure pages below for more information: