Florida’s Highest Point is Britton Hill in northern Walton County. A monument and interpretive signs mark the site at Lakewood Park on the outskirts of Paxton. Join Two Egg TV’s Dale Cox for a “climb” to the top of this unique summit:

Britton Hill is at 2915 N County Road 285, Paxton, FL. Lakewood Park is open during daylight hours 365 days per year and is free to visit. This map will help you find it. Be sure to scroll down the page for more photos:

The highest point in Florida is at Lakewood Park. Britton Hill reaches 345 feet in elevation.
The park features interpretive signs, a monument, picnic tables and trails.
The Highest Point Monument is on County Road 285 near Paxton, Florida.
The Highest Point Monument at Lakewood Park in northern Walton County.
Historian and professor Dr. Brian Rucker admires the view from Florida’s highest point with Two Egg TV’s Rachael Conrad.