Karen Howell and her grandson, J.J. Dolan, place flowers on the memorial to the victims of the explosion. Gene Stephens, descendant of a CSS Chattahoochee crew member, looks on.

Sunday marks the 155th anniversary of the deadly steam explosion that sent the warship CSS Chattahoochee to the bottom of the Apalachicola River. Seventeen men and boys died in the disaster.

Chattahoochee Main Street and Two Egg TV hold an annual memorial service for those killed on board the Chattahoochee and for all of the area sailors of both sides who died in the War Between the States (or Civil War).

This year’s service will be on Friday, May 25, at 11 a.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Central. It will take place at the burial site which is on Main Street one-half block south of U.S. 90 in Chattahoochee, Florida. The public is invited. The map at the bottom of the page will help you find it.

The service will include remarks and a reading of the names of the men killed in the 1863 explosion.

To learn the story of the accident and the CSS Chattahoochee, please watch this free documentary from Two Egg TV. It is also available on our Roku channel.