Happy Gopher Tortoise Day!

The Gopher Tortoise Council has officially adopted April 10th as Gopher Tortoise Day in Florida. It is a day set aside to raise public awareness about these incredible tortoises.

Gopher tortoises are important in the history and culture of the Two Egg area and they still live throughout the region today. They are a threatened species and are great to have around your land because they eat a variety of insects and pests.

Two Egg TV is happy to participate in Gopher Tortoise Day and our staff helps protect a number of these very special reptiles. See some of them and learn more about their history in this fun video featuring Billy Bailey of Florida Caverns State Park:

If you would like to learn even more about gopher tortoises, please consider this nicely produced story from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Just click play to watch:

Here are some links for additional information, including coloring sheets and activity books for kids:

A gopher tortoise enjoys tender grass near Two Egg, Florida.