Historian and author Dale Cox (Left) offers advice to Rob Neto of Chipola Divers, LLC as the search for the structure continues.

For Immediate Release:
February 8, 2018

Two Egg TV plans MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT on mysterious stone structure at bottom of Lake Seminole

(Two Egg, Florida) – Two Egg TV, a multi-platform history and travel channel based near Two Egg, Florida, plans a major announcement for Saturday (February 10) regarding the channel’s joint search with Chipola Divers, LLC for a mysterious stone structure at the bottom of Lake Seminole.

Rachael Conrad, managing partner of the channel, indicated that the announcement is planned for 12 noon Eastern/11 a.m. Central.

Rachael Conrad, Managing Partner of Two Egg TV, aboard the search boat as it heads for shore.

The structure – known as “Jackson’s Oven” – has not been seen since the completion of the Jim Woodruff Dam in 1958. The resulting 37,500 acre reservoir flooded the structure and its exact location was lost over the 60-years that followed. Two Egg TV launched a major expedition to find the lost structure in the summer of 2017 and continued its search this week.

The origin and purpose of the unusual stone structure has been debated for more than 100-years. Early settlers thought that perhaps it had served as a bake oven for the U.S. Army during the Seminole Wars and accordingly named it “Jackson’s Oven.” More recently, however, theories as to its origin and purpose have surged. Multiple writers have claimed that it was a temple built by ancient Maya who crossed the Gulf of Mexico from Central America. Another has speculated that it was a Viking burial cairn built by the ancient Norse.

Historian and author Dale Cox, who has researched the structure, believes that it actually dates from the early 19th century and points out that artifacts found around it during the 1940s by the Smithsonian all appear to date from the 1790-1860 time period.

Two Egg TV and Chipola Divers resumed their search of Spring Creek on the border between Seminole and Decatur Counties in Georgia earlier this week. They ended it less than three hours later.

Has the lost structure been found? Find out on Saturday at 12 noon Eastern/11 a.m. Central on our main page at Two Egg TV or on our primary channel by downloading and/or accessing Two Egg TV on your Roku device or smart tv. Click here to learn more about watching on Roku!

To learn more about Two Egg TV’s search for the structure, click play below to watch the results of last summer’s efforts: