Jackson’s Oven, a mysterious stone structure not seen in 60-years, has been rediscovered by a joint Two Egg TV and Chipola Divers, LLC expedition!

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The structure is located in the Spring Creek arm of Lake Seminole, a 37,500-acre reservoir on the border of Georgia and Florida. Its unusual design has led some to speculate that it might be of ancient Mayan or even Viking construction.

View of the top of the mysterious stone structure. Courtesy Chipola Divers, LLC.

Archaeologists investigated the site to some degree prior to the 1958 completion of the Jim Woodruff Dam which inundated it beneath the waters of the massive reservoir. They reached no conclusions on its origin other than to speculate that it could have been built by early settlers or even Native Americans.

The only artifacts recovered during the excavations were fragments of English china dating from the 1790-1850 era.

Now that the structure has been relocated, Two Egg TV will work with officials and marine archaeologists to encourage new research at the site using the latest underwater archaeology techniques.

Spring Creek is a tributary of the Flint River and runs through Southwest Georgia before entering Lake Seminole along the border between Seminole and Decatur Counties.

Stay tuned, the answers to the mysteries of who built the structure and why may be coming soon!

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