Planning a visit to Cheaha State Park and the mountains of Alabama? Don’t miss this beautiful old covered bridge just off I-20 in the City of Oxford:

Coldwater Covered Bridge was built in 1850 (or 1839 according to some accounts) and originally spanned Coldwater Creek about 8 miles from its current site in Oxford, Alabama.

It is the oldest such structure in Alabama and tradition holds that it was built by a former slave.

Coldwater Covered Bridge can be seen at Oxford Lake in Oxford, Alabama.

The 63-foot long bridge was moved to its present site in 1990 to save it from destruction. The City of Oxford lovingly maintains it as part of its Oxford Lake park complex.

The bridge is of the Multiple Open King Post through Truss design, a style that was used in many types of structures and even in some aircraft of the 20th century. The heavy posts of the span were raised on cross beams to support the apex or top of the triangles formedby the trusses.

The bridge was used by local residents to cross Coldwater Creek until 1920, when it was damaged in a fire. Careful inspection revealed that it could be repaired. This allowed the structure to remain in use until it was finally replaced by a modern concrete structure.

It fell into disrepair after its abandonment but was saved through a community effort. Walkers and joggers enjoying the scenic paved pathway that circles Oxford Lake can now walk through the bridge if they like. It is open to the public daily and is free to visit.

Coldwater Covered Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To visit, use the map below or enter 299 McCullers Lane, Oxford, Alabama into your GPS. A word of caution: many map programs and apps show the bridge in the wrong place!