The charming town of Magnolia Springs is often overlooked by visitors to the famed Eastern Shore of Alabama’s Mobile Bay.

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Although the Town of Magnolia Springs did not come into being until 2006, the community has a long and rich history.

Magnolia Springs is one of the prettiest towns in Alabama.

The first settlers arrived in the 1700s to take advantage of the pure, clear water that flows from the springs along the Magnolia River. Bricks were made here during the early 1800s to supply the needs of the U.S. Army in the construction of Fort Morgan on Mobile Point. The river offered protected shelter for small ships and easy access to Mobile Bay.

Union troops obtained water from the largest of the springs during the 1865 Mobile Bay Campaign, but it was the time of peace following the brutal war that gave the community its real founding. Veterans from both the Union and Confederate armies settled here to live peacefully, side by side, along the beautiful Magnolia River.

The beautiful old live oaks, canopy streets and National Historic District survive as reminders of the late 19th century prosperity and charm of the community.

To learn more about historic Magnolia Springs, please visit the town website at:

The beautiful Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast is listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Jesse’s Restaurant is a charming and popular establishment in the historic district:

The Magnolia Springs Library even his a Seed Lending Library:

Bricks for historic Fort Morgan were manufactured at Magnolia Springs:

The Mobile Bay Campaign passed up the Eastern Shore in 1865:

The Mobile Bay Civil War Trail is one of the best such tours in the country: