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New Video Tours of River Landing Park in Chattahoochee, Florida

Two Egg TV is pleased to have worked with Chattahoochee Main Street and Visit Florida to produce two new walking tours of historic River Landing Park.

The first of these is the short version, which runs a little over six minutes:

The second is the long version of the tour, which gives you a chance to experience a full walking tour of River Landing Park and its many historic, natural and archaeological sites. It runs around 24 minutes:

Please click here to learn more about the prehistoric Chattahoochee Landing Indian Mounds.


Excerpt: The Fort at Prospect Bluff documentary

The Fort at Prospect Bluff (or “Negro Fort”) was built by the British in 1814 and destroyed by U.S. forces in 1816. It was the scene of the deadliest cannon shot in American history, a 9-pound cannonball that blew up the gunpowder magazine and killed 270 of the 320 men, women and children within its walls.

Two Egg TV is producing a full-length documentary on the history of the fort. Here is a first preview:

Please click here to read more about the fort from www.exploresouthernhistory.com.