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Angus Gholson Nature Park in Chattahoochee, Florida

AngusGholson209x209The Angus Gholson Nature Park in Chattahoochee is home to a remarkable system of hiking trails that take you along the magnificent bluffs and ravines of the upper Apalachicola River.

The park is located just off Morgan Avenue in Chattahoochee and offers picnicking and restrooms in addition to the beautiful trails.

These unique formations are home to some of the rarest trees and plants in the world including the Florida Torreya and Florida Yew:

You might also enjoy this look at a Florida Yew, one of the rarest trees or shrubs in the world:

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The Florida yew: In search of one of the world’s rarest trees

The Florida yew, which grows only in a tiny area of bluffs and ravines along the Apalachicola River, is one of the rarest trees in the world. Critically endangered, it might hold the secrets to battling one of the deadliest of human illnesses – cancer. The bark of the Florida yew is a source of the cancer-fighting compound taxol, which has been used to battle breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lukemia and kidney disease.

Two Egg TV went in search of one of these rare trees.

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