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Mysterious Structure on the bottom of Lake Seminole

The mysterious stone structure is now on the bottom of the Spring Creek arm of Lake Seminole.

Who built a mysterious stone structure that now rests on the bottom of Lake Seminole?

No one has seen the strange building in nearly 60 years, but speculation about it has focused on everyone from the ancient Mayans or Irish to General Andrew Jackson!

Two Egg TV has launched an expedition to find the structure. Rachael Conrad has Parts 1, 2 & 3 of our special series:

Jackson’s Oven stood near Rhodes’ Ferry Landing on Spring Creek prior to the completion of the Jim Woodruff Dam in 1958. We go beneath the waters of the lake in Part Two of this series as our search gets underway. We will post a link to that part as soon as it is available.

To read an architect’s theory on the origin of the structure, please follow this link: Who built this mysterious stone structure on the Flint River?

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Fort Scott, Fort Hughes & Camp Recovery documentary

Two Egg TV’s new full-length documentary “Fort Scott, Fort Hughes & Camp Recovery” is now available! Step back in time to the early days of the Seminole Wars with this fascinating 22 minute program:


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