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Skunk Ape at Falling Waters State Park??!!

Did a visitor spot a Skunk Ape or Bigfoot at Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida?!

A woman claims that she did so our Two Egg TV investigators went to take a look! Here’s what we found:

The waterfall is seasonal but was flowing beautifully during our visit (April 4, 2017). The spring leaves are out and the park was gorgeous (even if we didn’t see a Bigfoot!).

Click here to read the original story on this sighting from BackPackerVerse: http://backpackerverse.com/chipley-creature-appalachian-trail/

To learn more about this fantastic park, please visit: www.exploresouthernhistory.com/fallingwaters1.html

Historical Marker unveiled in Chipley, Florida

New historical marker unveiled in Chipley, Florida.
Dale Cox (L) and Dorothy Pyfrom Odom (R) unveil new historical marker in Chipley, Florida.

The Washington County Historical Society hosted an unveiling ceremony today for a new marker at the South Third Street Historic District in Chipley, Florida.

Members of the historical society were hand for the unveiling, as were city and county officials and citizens of the area.

Here’s a quick video clip of the actual unveiling:

The marker was funded by a donation from area author and historian Dale Cox and is the third he has funded in the area.

He indicates that other citizens are joining with him to fund two additional markers that will be placed later this year at Chattahoochee in Gadsden County and Two Egg in Jackson County. Work is also underway to mark historic sites in Holmes County.

The text for the new South Third Street Historic District marker was written by members of the Washington County Historical Society:


Designated a Historic District in 1989.

This street is one of the first residential areas in Chipley. Though a railroad town in the beginning, Chipley was, and remains primarily an agricultural center. Notable due to an array of late 19th & 20th century homes which served as residences to many of Chipley’s most prominent citizens. The district began developing less than 10 years after Chipley was founded along the tracks of the P&A Railroad, which reached here in 1882. The district appears today essentially as it has since the late 1930s.

A beautifully restored private home in Chipley's Third Street Historic District.
A beautifully restored private home in Chipley’s South Third Street Historic District.

The Historic District can be accessed by turning south onto Third Street from Historic U.S. Highway 90 by the Washington County Courthouse. The marker will be straight ahead on your right.

To see the many historic homes in the district, several of which are of the beautiful Queen Anne architectural style, continue past the marker and just drive along the street or enjoy a stroll along the street.

More information is available at the Washington County Historical Society Museum, 685 7th Street, Chipley, Florida 32428.

The museum is open on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  You can visit their website anytime at www.washingtoncountymuseum.org.

You can also learn more about great points of interest in Chipley and Washington County at http://visitwcfla.com/.

Watch for more on Chipley’s South Third Street Historic District here on Two Egg TV in the near future!

1842 Creek Indian attack at Orange Hill near Chipley, Florida

The Perkins attack or massacre took place somewhere on the top of Orange Hill in Washington County, Florida.
The Perkins attack or massacre took place somewhere on the top of Orange Hill in Washington County, Florida.

Orange Hill near Chipley is one of the highest hills in the State of Florida.

It was settled in the early 1800s and by 1842 was a thriving little community of farmers and planters. Among these was Stephen Perkins, a farmer and the head of a growing family that included his wife and four children.

Their dreams ended in disaster on August 31, 1842 when they were attacked by a party of Creek Indian warriors. Here is the full story:

The story of how and why the small band of Muscogee (Creek) Indians wound up in the area is equally tragic. They escaped into Florida from a concentration camp in Alabama after being attacked there by white outlaws.

From that time until 1844 they carried out occasional raids against frontier homes to obtain food, ammunition and other necessities.

When attacked in Alabama they had seen unarmed members of their group killed and assaulted and once in Florida they often took revenge during raids against frontier homes and farms.

Learn more about one such band of Creeks in this video:

Ghost Tour of Chipley, Florida

Chipley is a historic – and haunted – city in Northwest Florida. Join Two Egg TV as we tag along with Dorothy Pyfrom Odom of the Washington County Historical Society to learn more about the city’s ghosts:

If you have difficulty viewing the video above (usually due to slow internet speeds), you can also watch it here: https://youtu.be/vdegNEVCEmY

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