Miracle, Meteorite or UFO? The 1900 “Cross of Fire” over the Wiregrass area

One of the most remarkable yet unexplained incidents in the history of the Wiregrass area took place on the night of May 5, 1900. As startled observers watched, a “cross of fire in the sky” passed from west to east over the region: The citizens of Ozark, a small town in the southeastern part of […]

Monster snake sighted in Southwest Georgia!

A snake the “size of a telephone pole” has been sighted along the Flint River in Southwest Georgia. Two Egg TV spoke with an eyewitness who saw the snake in company with others at a boat landing just south of Ichawaynochaway Creek between Bainbridge and Newton. He said that at first he thought it was […]

Coldwater Covered Bridge in Oxford, Alabama

Planning a visit to Cheaha State Park and the mountains of Alabama? Don’t miss this beautiful old covered bridge just off I-20 in the City of Oxford: Coldwater Covered Bridge was built in 1850 (or 1839 according to some accounts) and originally spanned Coldwater Creek about 8 miles from its current site in Oxford, Alabama. […]

Battle for Fort Mims (Documentary)

Enjoy our new documentary Battle for Fort Mims; Watch this documentary free on your television by searching for “Battle for Fort Mims” at Amazon Prime on your Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Smart TV. Fort Mims State Historic Site is located at 1813 Fort Mims Rd, Stockton, AL 36579. Please see the map below for directions. […]

Newly revealed letter confirms Greenwood connection to Alcatraz escape?

A San Francisco television station has uncovered a 2013 letter that offers some confirmation to claims of a Jackson County connection to the notorious 1962 Escape from Alcatraz. The letter was obtained by KPIX 5 and is very similar to one that I received on June 20, 2014. It basically says that Clarence Anglin, John Anglin […]

The Covered Bridge that Opelika put back together again!

Shotwell-Salem Covered Bridge spans Rocky Branch in Opelika, Alabama. It is a popular place for photographers and lovers of history and romance, but it also has a much deeper story. The bridge was built in 1906 in the Town Lattice Truss design and its single span originally crossed Wacoochee Creek near the community of Salem […]

Cheaha State Park: Alabama’s Tallest Point

Cheaha State Park features 2,799 acres of beautiful mountain scenery at the highest point in Alabama. The park is located at Cheaha Mountain, which rises 2,407 feet above sea level. Amenities include a hotel/lodge, cabins, chalets, campgrounds, picnic areas, restaurant, hiking trails, overlooks, museum, boardwalks and more. Two Egg TV’s Rachael Conrad takes you to […]