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USS Yorktown survivor remembers the Battle of Midway

Two Egg TV visits Roger Spooner of Seminole County, Georgia. He survived the sinking of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown during the Battle of Midway.

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the World War II battle. Click play to hear Mr. Spooner’s remarkable story:

To learn more about the Battle of Midway, we highly recommend the video below from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

New Documentary: “The Fort at Prospect Bluff” is now available!

Two Egg TV’s new documentary – “The Fort at Prospect Bluff: Story of the Negro Fort on the Apalachicola” – is now available!

You can watch it in HD on your television for free by adding Two Egg TV to your Roku player or you can watch it right here:


To learn more about Prospect Bluff Historic Sites, location of the “Negro Fort” and Fort Gadsden, please visit: Day by Day History of the Prospect Bluff Campaign





The 1836 Attack on Roanoke, Georgia

The most significant Native American victory of the Creek War of 1836 was the Creek Indian attack on Roanoke, Georgia.

Click play to learn more:

The historical marker for Roanoke is located on the west side of GA-39 between Rood Creek Landing Road and Rood Creek Road Connector 2.5 miles south of Florence Marina State Park. Nearby Rood Creek Park is a great place for a picnic lunch.

The Creek War of 1836 was the last major stand by elements of the Creek Nation against forced removal to what is now Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. Watch for Two Egg TV’s coming documentary on this conflict.

If you enjoyed this story, see more like it by clicking play below to watch Two Egg TV’s live stream:


Excerpt: The Fort at Prospect Bluff documentary

The Fort at Prospect Bluff (or “Negro Fort”) was built by the British in 1814 and destroyed by U.S. forces in 1816. It was the scene of the deadliest cannon shot in American history, a 9-pound cannonball that blew up the gunpowder magazine and killed 270 of the 320 men, women and children within its walls.

Two Egg TV is producing a full-length documentary on the history of the fort. Here is a first preview:

Please click here to read more about the fort from