Milly Francis: Life & Times of a real Pocahontas

San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park in St. Marks, Florida, provides the backdrop for historian Dale Cox’s presentation on the life and times  of Milly Francis, the Creek Pocahontas: You can also learn more about Milly Francis by visiting or by reading Dale Cox’s book – Milly Francis: The Life & Times of […]

The Lake Seminole Monster?

It was a completely unexpected and stunning sight. Leaving a wake larger than passing boats, the massive creature was photographed from more than one-quarter mile away as it made its way up Lake Seminole from the vicinity of the Jim Woodruff Dam. Lake Seminole is known for its enormous alligators, but this one may be […]

Courthouse Trees can be saved for under $5,000

Guy Meilleur, an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, says his firm can save the historic trees at the Jackson County Courthouse for less than $5,000. The amount is stunningly small in light of the estimate of more than $37,000 previously announced by the Board of County Commissioners. Meilleur’s firm, Historic Tree Care, specializes in saving […]